Which One Deserves The Best Juicer Ratings?


No other treat can help your family beat the scorching heat of summer than a glassful of homemade fruit or vegetable juice. This refreshing drink will not only help every family member cool down but can also serve as their main source of necessary vitamins and minerals to keep them healthy. All you need to have is a fast and reliable juicer.

However, choosing among the many juicers sold in the market nowadays could mean investing a lot of time and effort particularly for homeowners who lack both knowledge and experience regarding kitchen appliance. Which between the two best juicers today namely the Breville juicer and Hamilton Beach Juice Extractor is a better pick? Read further to know which of these famous juicers deserves the best juicer ratings and should be a part of everyone’s’ kitchen.

  • Breville Juicer

Almost every Breville juicer review claim that the product is the best of its kind in the market today. It boasts an 850-watt dual speed motor and stainless-steel cutting disks which allow its user to juice any kind of vegetable or fruit in a matter of minutes. This heavy-duty juicer is also packed with a number of innovative features including a safety locking arm, and a large-capacity pulp collector. Many homeowners also ended up choosing this juicer due to its sturdy structure and sleek overall design.

  • Hamilton Beach Juice Extractor

It’s not a mystery how the Hamilton Beach Juice Extractor currently have the best juicer ratings as it boasts useful features that are not available on other leading competitors. This juicer has a wider feeding mouth, large pulp bin, and a powerful 800-watt motor. It also comes with a pushing tool for faster juicing. All of its parts are dishwasher-safe which makes clean-up a breeze. But the main feature which made this juicer very popular is its energy-saving mechanism which enticed homeowners who want to serve mouthwatering juices to their family without dealing with excessive electricity bills.

The two juicers mentioned above are both perfect choices. Nevertheless, the Hamilton Beach Juice Extractor tends to be a much better option due to its affordable price. The Breville Juicer should only be considered if your aim is to acquire the best juicer available in the market even if it would mean spending more.

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