Blessing in Disguise: My new Aroma Rice Cooker

I recently bought an Aroma Professional 20-Cup Cool-Touch Rice Cooker and Food Steamer because my old rice cooker broke down. I chose the Aroma Rice Cooker and Food Steamer at first because it looked nice and sturdy, and the sleek metallic design was really eye-catching, but I learned about all the features after reading the rice cookers review and I’m really glad my old rice cooker broke down.

Its already been a few days and I haven’t encountered any problems with it. In fact, I’m actually glad I bought it. I’ve been tinkering with the food steamer and I’ve been steaming meat and chicken instead of microwaving and frying them, and they taste great. Just marinated them an hour before or even the night before. Then when I’m hungry, I just cook a few cups of rice and steam the meat or chicken, and leave for a few minutes to watch TV or do something else, and after 10 – 15 minutes, its done. What’s great about is that its simple to use and operate. Its not a hassle to cook tasty food, even for a lot of people, I don’t even have to watch over it that much. Even when I have leftovers, I just put it in the rice cooker and food steamer, then I just turn it on whenever I’m hungry again. Plus, its super easy to clean as well, I just have to remove the inner cooking pot and all the other accessories and throw it into the dishwasher.

I really love it, its not a hassle anymore to cook for lots of guests or other family members because of the Aroma Professional 20-Cup Cool-Touch Rice Cooker and Food Steamer, I can make food that is quick, easy to make, tasty and delicious, and super healthy. My friends keep coming over at a moments notice and I don’t worry because cooking for them is a snap.

Nonstick, Copper or Stainless Steel Cookware?


Before you buy a cookware set, you need all the information about cookware before you make a decision. Many people want nonstick cookware because it is easy to clean. A good cookware set should be one that offers heavy cooking, and is easy to clean and maintain. Below are the good cookware reviews:

Farberware 20772 Enhanced Cookware Set

This cookware set is designed with clear glass lids and durable handles. A 10 piece nonstick cookware comes in a very good price. The pans are also made for flipping omelets and pancakes. With these pans, you will be very confident while flipping anything on the pan. Its pots are great for making soups and stews. This is because they are nonstick and cleaning them is very easy. The nonstick feature lets you cook bacon and meat without worrying about the extra cholesterol.

All-Clad Stainless 9-Piece Cookware Set

This set is known for good performance, handsome looks, and durability. If you take good care of it, it will last you very long. This set includes 3-quart covered pan, a 10-inch fry pan, 2 quart covered fry pan, 6 quart stock pot and a 3 quart covered casserole pan. This set is made of aluminum core sandwiched between magnetic stainless steel exterior. The cooking surface is made of stainless steel. The aluminum core extends to the sides of the pot and pans. This ensures they heat up quickly and evenly, helping you to avoid undercooked food.

Caphalon Tri-ply Copper 10 Piece Cookware Set

Caphalon is one brand that makes the best copper cookware. It gives you a lot of control during the cooking process. Copper is a very good heat conductor. It comes with stainless steel lids to ensure heat and flavors are kept inside the pot. Another amazing feature is the flared rims to help you transfer liquids from one port to another. Its handles remain cool even while you are cooking.

These are a few of the good cookware you can buy. There are many more brands in the market for you to choose from. It all depends on your needs and your budget. For instructions on how to clean copper cookware, read this article.

My Favourite Microwave Ovens

Technological revolution is taking place at a very high rate. In this regard, those involved in design and manufacture of products must move along with this ever-changing technology to make sure that they remain valid in the market. Nevertheless, in the field of microwaves, designers are having sleepless nights producing sophisticated, efficient, and effective devices that suit the customer’s needs.  This article presents you with microwave oven reviews of some of the brands and models:

The following are the most reviewed and highly rated by satisfied customers:


Sunbeam Microwaves

Thanks to American-bred Sunbeam who launched it in 1910. Since then, numerous improved has been done to it, and currently, it is one of the best electric home appliances. It has been known to be the most efficient as it uses less power as compared to other brands. There are various models available for customers to choose from, and it includes Sunbeam SGS90701B Microwave Oven, Sunbeam SGN30701W Turntable Microwave Oven, and Sunbeam SGB8901 Microwave Oven.

Oster Microwaves

Oster Company manufactures this microwave. Though the name of the company is not known to many since it’s still a small fish in the market, but its products is quickly sinking into the customers’ hearts. It is one of the cheapest brands offering the best services like no other. The various models available that customers can choose from include Oster OGG614031.4 Cubic Feet Microwave Oven, Oster OGZB11011.1 Cubic Feet Digital Microwave Oven, and Oster OGB11011.1 Cubic Feet Microwave Oven. These models are readily available at Bella Luna

Kenmore Microwaves

This is one of the trusted home electric appliances used by over a 100 million Americans. This microwave has been designed to perform numerous tasks such as roasting, cooking, baking, and so on. Satisfied customers have reviewed it as excellent device for preparing delicious cakes and meat. Available models in the above store include Kenmore 73092 Countertop Microwave, Kenmore 6633 TrueCookPlus Contertop Microwave, and Kenmore 69122 Countertop Microwave.


The list of the best brands available in  is just endless. However, the above three are the most reviewed by customers, and there is no doubt that it will offer you the maximum satisfaction at cheaper and affordable prices. Wait no more, hurry while stock last. Thanks.

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How to Choose a Kitchen Knife

There are four types of kitchen knives that a home kitchen should have. These types are a chef’s knife, a slicer, a utility and a paper knife.

Let’s see each of the above types separately. The chef’s knife is usually eight inches long and is the most important knife in our kitchen. It has a wide variety of uses. We can use it for slicing, dicing and chopping. A utility knife is like the chef’s one but in a smaller size. It is about four to six inches long and it is used mainly for cutting and slicing. A slicer knife is longer and thinner from the other two types and it is mainly used to cut cooked meat. Finally we got the paring knife that is three to four inches long and is used to core and peel.

Now it’s time to see another separation of kitchen knives. We can categorize the knives in forged and stamped. Forged knives are higher priced than the stamped ones and they are created from a single piece of molten steel. That’s why their blade is stable and less flexible than the stamped knives. In contrast, stamped knives are created by a cutter machine. Obviously this type of knives is cheaper than forged ones. Despite the fact that the best knives are forged we could find very quality knives that are in stamped category too.

A smart choice, by your side, when you are willing to buy kitchen knives is to find info source about the best kitchen knives brands that you are interesting and give a look at all the above advices that we gave you. I hope that this guide will also consist a useful info source by each own. Also, always you can choose a set of knives. In this way you will have a variety of choices to use in your cooking.

Finally you have to beware of the handle comfort of the knife. It is very important to feel the knife as an extension of your hand. I know it’s a little creepy but all the above must be considered when you are buying a kitchen knife.

Top consumer choice.

Which One Deserves The Best Juicer Ratings?


No other treat can help your family beat the scorching heat of summer than a glassful of homemade fruit or vegetable juice. This refreshing drink will not only help every family member cool down but can also serve as their main source of necessary vitamins and minerals to keep them healthy. All you need to have is a fast and reliable juicer.

However, choosing among the many juicers sold in the market nowadays could mean investing a lot of time and effort particularly for homeowners who lack both knowledge and experience regarding kitchen appliance. Which between the two best juicers today namely the Breville juicer and Hamilton Beach Juice Extractor is a better pick? Read further to know which of these famous juicers deserves the best juicer ratings and should be a part of everyone’s’ kitchen.

  • Breville Juicer

Almost every Breville juicer review claim that the product is the best of its kind in the market today. It boasts an 850-watt dual speed motor and stainless-steel cutting disks which allow its user to juice any kind of vegetable or fruit in a matter of minutes. This heavy-duty juicer is also packed with a number of innovative features including a safety locking arm, and a large-capacity pulp collector. Many homeowners also ended up choosing this juicer due to its sturdy structure and sleek overall design.

  • Hamilton Beach Juice Extractor

It’s not a mystery how the Hamilton Beach Juice Extractor currently have the best juicer ratings as it boasts useful features that are not available on other leading competitors. This juicer has a wider feeding mouth, large pulp bin, and a powerful 800-watt motor. It also comes with a pushing tool for faster juicing. All of its parts are dishwasher-safe which makes clean-up a breeze. But the main feature which made this juicer very popular is its energy-saving mechanism which enticed homeowners who want to serve mouthwatering juices to their family without dealing with excessive electricity bills.

The two juicers mentioned above are both perfect choices. Nevertheless, the Hamilton Beach Juice Extractor tends to be a much better option due to its affordable price. The Breville Juicer should only be considered if your aim is to acquire the best juicer available in the market even if it would mean spending more.

Additional information – 7 Days Juice Plan