Grateful Lazy Day on Facebook

In a digitized world at times it is hard to keep up, especially with emerging trends, fads and businesses each day. Regular communication is even harder, but social media has been one great way to lessen this constant continuous gap that can make others, if they are not careful, outdated.

Facebook ads have been quiet helpful and i should know. I am not logged into the regular everyday life of face to face communication and gossip. As an online Freelance writer my life is always online and with that i often rely on social media to keep current, be it news, gossip, business and even social interactions.

Though most Facebook ads can be annoying and irritating. They can also be helpful, especially when you are in dire need of some service, help or product.

The ads recently helped me purchase a good pair of pants from a very reputable brand which i thought stocked expensive apparels. But through this single Facebook ad i got to find out a lot about the online retail store too. I am that person who always ignores 90% of these ads, but being a lazy day, thank God, i got a great deal that made my day. So i continued looking for other ads on my feed and what i found was an array of amazing opportunities out there for interested buyers, investors as well as students looking to study.

It took me very little time, but my mind was opened for more as i realized that just like me the world seemed to have incorporated every little thing to the online world from simple event adverts to job opportunities. All i can say is that Facebook ads are the best thing, being that it is one of the highly used social media platforms. You keep current and informed with just a click and it always feels great.

Choosing Your Virtual Office in Kuala Lumpur

When your office is located at the center of Kuala Lumpur business district, then there is no doubt that your company will get trustworthy reputation. There is a strong tendency of customers—whether they want to buy products or use some services—to check the headquarters or the main office of the companies. If you already have your own virtual office, then you have made the best decision. On the other hand, if you still think that having a virtual office is costly, then you should think of how much money that you will need to set up your own, hire employees, and manage the IT integrated system. As a matter of fact, you can just browse around for cheap virtual offices in Kuala Lumpur found here. Choices of location, packages, payment terms and methods are yours to make. Flexibility is the main reason, why you decide to run your own business, isn’t it?

Setting up your office with meeting rooms, call answering service, and reliable manpower can be done in a much easier way through the help of a highly reputable virtual office service provider. You can just choose any virtual office, based on your budget, which is located at the best location in Kuala Lumpur. You can use the meeting rooms at anytime you want, without making any preparation that may require too much hassle.


You should never think that you should run your business within your virtual office. You still can enjoy the convenience of your home to manage your business. Just leave all the tasks to the virtual office service provider, based on the package that you choose like secretarial services, personal concierge service like making reservation, automated bill payment and many more.

Fortunately, choosing any cheap virtual office is very easy in Kuala Lumpur. This capital city has expanded in such a fast way on various kinds of business sectors. Once you decide to have your own virtual office in the best location in Kuala Lumpur, then you are ready to have similar reputations with other big companies around your office.

Yet, you should keep in mind that you have to make the most of your expenses to get total benefits. Though it sounds obvious, making comparisons among some providers are mostly taken for granted. Some people may not have much time in comparing each provider, so they only choose the one, which is listed on the first page of search engine. You’d better spend a few of your time, because it will worth every penny.

Help in Finding The Best Sewing Machine

I’d always enjoyed making clothes for my kids and the old Singer sewing machine that had been passed down from my Mother to me had always performed flawlessly, until the day that it simply stopped. I took it in to the dealership for repairs and was sadly told that due to its age the spare parts were simply not available any more. The time had come for me to look for a new sewing machine. The challenge was that I wasn’t familiar with what was in the market and I needed to be sure that the machine that I bought was within budget and would provide years of solid performance.

sew-hobbySo I was on the lookout for where I could find the best sewing machine reviews. I wasn’t going to spend a cent until I was sure I was buying quality and reliability. As a first step I went and bought the latest edition of the sewing magazine that I read to get patterns and other information. That had a couple of great reviews in it, however I wanted more information – preferably from ordinary people who were using their sewing machines on a regular basis.

I eventually found what I needed on the Internet, from two different sources. One was a sewing and home crafts focused forum and chat room where I could speak to other people in real time and get their ideas of what machine would best suit my needs and the other was on I like browsing through the Amazon product pics because you can usually find great reviews from average people who use the products on a daily basis. Using the Internet also allowed me to visit other specialist websites where I could get more information about the various choices that were available to me and also do direct price comparisons between the various alternatives.

My search for the best air mattress with pump


I had a lovely surprise a few weeks back when my cousin who I hadn’t seen in a few years unexpectedly phoned. She told me that she would be in the area the following weekend as she planned to visit the sights with her husband. She asked if they could spend a few nights with me and I jumped at the chance, telling her that of course they could. It was only when I put the phone down that I realized I did not have a spare bed, or a spare room for that matter. With four children at home, space can be a little cramped. I looked at our somewhat old and shabby sofa and knew that they could not sleep on that.

I just knew that I would have to buy a spare bed, but I had no idea what to buy. In desperation I opened up my laptop and started to look online. I quickly found that you can buy inflatable air mattresses with a pump. So then I clicked on Amazon to begin my search for the best queen size air mattress with built in pump.

As their visit was unexpected, I had not budgeted for an air mattress, so I had to limit my spending to under $100, however I started my search looking for air mattress that were priced from $50. There were 3 that instantly caught my attention. All had 4 star plus ratings and favorable customer comments.

There were two air mattresses by Intex, one cost $52, that was also an Amazon bestseller and the second cost $58. I googled the name and found that Intex have a very good reputation. The final air mattress was by Coleman and cost $70. Again this seemed to be a really popular brand. All of these air mattresses had built in pumps and were easy to inflate. After sitting and considering my options, I decided to go for the cheapest, as it had good reviews and was a bestseller.

Well my cousin and hisband came to visit and we set up the air mattress in our conservatory. It was quick and easy to inflate and more importantly, I was told that it was very comfortable to sleep on.

So my advice to you is that if you need to buy an air mattress in a hurry, read up on customer reviews to find one that is suitable for your chosen budget.

Remember this before you buy an elliptical trainer


When you are keen to get fit and lose weight, it is easy to jump in with both feet first. My friend Stacey has always been a girl to invest in the latest fitness craze. Her most recent purchase included an elliptical trainer. As always, she was desperate to spend her money and get her trainer home. Unfortunately, she ended up with the completely the wrong trainer. The problem was that she could not get her money back as there were not any manufacturing faults at all. At the end of the day, she had just bought the wrong trainer.

I must admit that I have always learned a lot from Stacey’s mistakes, otherwise my house would now be full of unwanted fitness equipment. Alternatively, I would end up like Stacey. She is always trying to sell her unwanted gear on eBay or Craig’s list. Somebody is getting a good buy, but it certainly isn’t Stacey. I have always been very careful with my cash, and I like to make sure that what I buy fits my needs. This applied to the investment in my elliptical trainer as well.

There are quite a few different elliptical trainers to choose from so it is important to read home elliptical trainer reviews and ratings before you go ahead with your purchase. This is one of those cases where size really matters. Some trainers are huge, and you should out what space requirements your trainer will need in your home. The best thing I did before I bought my trainer was definitely to read home elliptical trainer reviews and ratings. Without the vital information found in the reviews, I may have ended up with the wrong elliptical trainer.

As it is, I have found the perfect elliptical trainer for me and my home. It fits in perfectly with our active lifestyle, and when not in use, it does not become an eyesore like my friend Stacey’s elliptical trainer. After all, would you buy a new sideboard without measuring the available space?

Best Knife Set Under $100


No chef’s kitchen is complete without an expert knife kit, whether you’re a seasoned pro, have been experimenting in the kitchen a while, or you fancy trying something new entirely. Like an artist has brushes and a writer his pen, a chef will never be too far from his knives – and picking up a good set is the first step towards bringing out your inner Gordon Ramsey.

Knives are always an investment and a good set will last you a life time – should you treat them well and keep them sharp. But if you’re looking to invest in a knife set on a budget – what should you be expecting for a knife set under $100?

A good knife set to have at home should contain four or more knives – you will need at least one serrated knife for carving and slicing bread, one – two smaller sharp knives for small vegetables and meats and a much larger knife or cleaver for large cuts of meat and bigger fruits and vegetables – additional knives are always a bonus, but these four staples are the essential for any budding chef’s collection.

Some knife sets go for significantly more than $100 and some are available for a lot less – if you’re purchasing a knife set that contains four or more knives, $40 is probably the cheapest you should go if you’re looking for a good quality set that will last you a long time. Well as anything over $100 is probably better reserved for true chefs.

$100 gives you a nice budget to pick and choose between great quality sets that look great too – often coming in knife wraps or blocks. Having a $100 budget also means you can consider specialised knives – such as butcher’s knives, traditional Japanese knife sets or a simple professional chef’s range.

When choosing a professional knife set for my own kitchen, I was torn between what I considered the best three options – for me personally – for under $100 – the Gourmet X30 Knife Set, the ProCook Japanese Knife Set and the ProCook Gourmet X30 Knife Set. Drawn to the sleek designs of the three knife sets it was important for me to choose something that would not only last me a lifetime and make me a better cook – but something that would look good, and professional, in my kitchen.