I always recommend Zojirushi rice cookers


I am 56 years old now, and have used only 3 rice cookers in my life. The first one was a simple pressure cooker, which my mother used for cooking rice and many other things. The second rice cooker was an electric rice cooker but it didn’t last. In about five years into my marriage, I was back to my mother’s way of cooking rice. About 15 years ago, my husband was promoted to a senior level, and our standard of living had also improved considerably. Cooking rice in traditional rice cookers just didn’t seem the right thing to do, because there were so many guests and parties now. I decided I needed a rice cooker. Since I could afford to buy one every five years I was prepared for any brand though the first two that I searched were National, and Sanyo.

Back then I was not good with using computers as I am now. I don’t know if such searching existed either. I was at this showroom, and there was this cute looking small rice cooker which looked more attractive than I was prepared to admit. The salesperson noticed my interest and was soon showing the wide range of Zojirushi rice cookers. I was not a great one to remember brands for sure, and this name certainly was not as common as National and Sanyo. At least not in my country. I decided to give it a try and bought one. I have never regretted my decision in the last 15 years. I have bought many Zojirushi rice cookers as gifts since then. So far there have been no complaints though there is a possibility that my friends and relatives do not want to tell me if there is a problem. After all, those rice cookers were gifts.

This Christmas, we are looking at buying a new rice cooker for our home. The only reason is I want to retire the 14 year old rice cooker. It can become a standby. So I was searching once more for Zojirushi brand of rice cookers (Visit the official website). I was pleasantly surprised with the new features that they’ve added! The look has become sleek. I liked the fact that they have shifted the control panel or whatever it is called, a bit on the top. My mother-in-law does have problem in bending. I love making sushi in this. I can’t go wrong at all. I have used it for steaming and defrosting. The options include scorching and porridge in this model of Zojirushi, i.e., Zojirushi NP-NVC10/18. It includes induction cooking which is the in thing right now. It also includes fuzzy logic, which is the reason no rice sticks to the non-stick pot inside, even when extended keep warm option is used. The rice remains soft and warm even when it is in keep warm mode for longer period. Washing the cooking pot or pan is very easy because there is a non-stick layer. We are told that it is not likely to get damaged for entire life because it is infused with platinum. I definitely recommend Zojirushi rice cookers to anybody looking for rice cookers.


My search for the best air mattress with pump


I had a lovely surprise a few weeks back when my cousin who I hadn’t seen in a few years unexpectedly phoned. She told me that she would be in the area the following weekend as she planned to visit the sights with her husband. She asked if they could spend a few nights with me and I jumped at the chance, telling her that of course they could. It was only when I put the phone down that I realized I did not have a spare bed, or a spare room for that matter. With four children at home, space can be a little cramped. I looked at our somewhat old and shabby sofa and knew that they could not sleep on that.

I just knew that I would have to buy a spare bed, but I had no idea what to buy. In desperation I opened up my laptop and started to look online. I quickly found that you can buy inflatable air mattresses with a pump. So then I clicked on Amazon to begin my search for the best queen size air mattress with built in pump.

As their visit was unexpected, I had not budgeted for an air mattress, so I had to limit my spending to under $100, however I started my search looking for air mattress that were priced from $50. There were 3 that instantly caught my attention. All had 4 star plus ratings and favorable customer comments.

There were two air mattresses by Intex, one cost $52, that was also an Amazon bestseller and the second cost $58. I googled the name and found that Intex have a very good reputation. The final air mattress was by Coleman and cost $70. Again this seemed to be a really popular brand. All of these air mattresses had built in pumps and were easy to inflate. After sitting and considering my options, I decided to go for the cheapest, as it had good reviews and was a bestseller.

Well my cousin and hisband came to visit and we set up the air mattress in our conservatory. It was quick and easy to inflate and more importantly, I was told that it was very comfortable to sleep on.

So my advice to you is that if you need to buy an air mattress in a hurry, read up on customer reviews to find one that is suitable for your chosen budget.

Remember this before you buy an elliptical trainer


When you are keen to get fit and lose weight, it is easy to jump in with both feet first. My friend Stacey has always been a girl to invest in the latest fitness craze. Her most recent purchase included an elliptical trainer. As always, she was desperate to spend her money and get her trainer home. Unfortunately, she ended up with the completely the wrong trainer. The problem was that she could not get her money back as there were not any manufacturing faults at all. At the end of the day, she had just bought the wrong trainer.

I must admit that I have always learned a lot from Stacey’s mistakes, otherwise my house would now be full of unwanted fitness equipment. Alternatively, I would end up like Stacey. She is always trying to sell her unwanted gear on eBay or Craig’s list. Somebody is getting a good buy, but it certainly isn’t Stacey. I have always been very careful with my cash, and I like to make sure that what I buy fits my needs. This applied to the investment in my elliptical trainer as well.

There are quite a few different elliptical trainers to choose from so it is important to read home elliptical trainer reviews and ratings before you go ahead with your purchase. This is one of those cases where size really matters. Some trainers are huge, and you should out what space requirements your trainer will need in your home. The best thing I did before I bought my trainer was definitely to read home elliptical trainer reviews and ratings. Without the vital information found in the reviews, I may have ended up with the wrong elliptical trainer.

As it is, I have found the perfect elliptical trainer for me and my home. It fits in perfectly with our active lifestyle, and when not in use, it does not become an eyesore like my friend Stacey’s elliptical trainer. After all, would you buy a new sideboard without measuring the available space?

Your need a good kitchen knife set, you know

If you do not have a good kitchen knife set, your cooking time simply doubles. I know because I have been there and done that. You also get panic attacks or at least something similar to that when you see guests. They may be only a couple of them, but you will still feel stressed out imagining the time it would take to chop the meat and onions, not to mention salad. At the end of the day, you will feel exhausted simply because you have so much to do. You end up planning your next day even before the day arrives. You will also need to do your vegetable shopping more often because your knife will not be able to cut through the ripe tomatoes, even if you have used the knife sharpener just half an hour ago. Then, there is the knife sharpener increasing your power bill, agreed not much, but even small amounts add up. Does this sound like you? If it does, then your solution is simple. You need a good kitchen knife set, and you should be prepared to pay for it.


I learned my lesson the hard way, but eventually I did learn it. I always opted for knives that were honestly cheaper among the ones shown to me. Their shine and handle was all that was needed to impress me. Believe me, all knives look equally good at the shop so the decision to buy cheaper one does not seem to be wrong at all. However, it is the perfection and steel of the expensive ones that makes them last longer. When I bought this set of knives, I was not aware that I could have bought only one or two knives. The salesperson did not enlighten me.

But still, I have no regrets, because I am able to use the knife for other purposes as well. For chopping with the cheaper knife sets I had no choice but to stand and chop in the kitchen because the required level of pressure on the knife’ handle could only be achieved in that position. Now, I sit at the dining table, and chop easily my day’s vegetables as I watch the television programs. Even the bread knife in the set does a great job. The bread slices can be cut almost evenly with this knife. You could use the bread knife to chop onions, do you know that? That is how good this set of knife is. So my advise is, do not compromise on quality for saving monies on your kitchen knife set.

The Top Most Rated and Spectacular Toasters


Kitchen-Aid Pro Line KMT4203CA

This elegant machine has toasting cycles that operates automatically. It is able to detect whenever you put bread on its toasting slot. It is also very the most suitable toaster that has suitable blend of modern operations with super competence. You will also get to know how long each toasting will take you. This is shown by its LED shade that displays dual as progress indicator. This digital display also is used whenever you want to select a shade set from the available seven. When toasting your bread it will always get even heat from all sides. This is enabled by the self-centered slots. This leads to uniform browning of the bread. The slots are big enough for both bagels and artisan breads. This makes this toaster very convenient hence has the top toaster reviews.

Breville smart toaster BTA840XL

This splendid toaster is very efficient and reliable. It is simple to operate and allows for easy toasting of bread. It operates automatically. Its Lift and Look are also easy to operate. This is done by just switching on the button. It is designed with modern features despite its fast cooking performance. It has a digital display, tapered top and die-cast aluminum. These features make it more stylish and attractive. This toaster is suitable for wide range of activities. It will enable you toast plain white bread, thick bagels or artisan bread. The toaster is very convenient and a multi-purpose machine.

Dualit NewGen 47180

This spectacular is among the roaster with top toaster reviews. Its spectacular appearance is attributed by the casing colors and classic metal design. This makes it very stylish machine in your kitchenette. It is a durable roaster with efficient services. Its heat distribution is evenly. This allows for the best browning. It is suitable for other specific functions not performed by other roasters. This is because it has the optional rack and its sandwich cage. The toaster also has a timed dial shade setting. This makes it more suitable brands and convenient for its operation. It is operated from one toasting slot despite the numerous slots. It can have two, three, four or six slots. These aids in its efficiency and also easy to operate from slot.

Other quality brands include: Kitchen-Aid one touch and Breville Lift and Look.

Source: Gradyslinecamp

Don’t Just Choose Any Bread Maker

bread on bread machine
Bread makers are not additional kitchen appliances. They are one of the most essential supplies that homeowners should have. Well, at least, that’s my opinion, which might represent thousands of homeowner worldwide. I cannot live a day without consuming bread. It was the reason why I spent a whole day to find the best one among so many top bread makers.

Fortunately, there are lots of websites, which feature details about bread makers with popular brands, in which they can make things easier for me. I might not have much time to make my own bread through conventional bread makers. But, I have made my decision in creating my own bread, as I can get lots of advantages by maximizing my bread maker. First, I can be free from any kind of preservative and other chemical substances. Second, I can try various kinds of bread, that I might have never made them before. Third, I will save much money significantly as my homemade bread is enough for the whole family members.

But, I am a kind of a person, who does not just believe in what all those reviews said. I know that some websites are affiliates for some manufacturers. I decided to choose a bread maker, which has versatile programs, reasonable size and sleek design. My bread maker has various settings to make a massive array of dough for pizza, French bread, sweet breads, and many more. I also got a recipe book after buying the bread maker that I can use to make healthy bread for my kids.

Of course, the more versatile bread maker may cost higher. But, I can assure you that it will save much of your time and money in a long term. Imagine, how much money that you should spend to buy some loaves of bread for the whole family members. They cost much higher than the price of the required ingredients to make your kids’ favorite munchies.

How We Started A Profitable Espresso Bar In Town

Our journey to the top is quite fascinating; after my wife and I came for our retirement, just like other people, we had very big plans. With all the money we had in our bank accounts, we were not going to take some useless vacations and road trips, but starting a business was on top of the list. However, the business world being very competitive, the whole thing was going to be a little bit tricky and for us to make an impact and possibly start making money, we needed to go into uncharted territory; a business that has never been tried in area before.

espresso (1)

After a through research, starting a chain of espresso bars in town came out on top. After all, for a world that had seen people taking coffee, it was sad; there was not even a single espresso bar in town. After very lengthy discussions with a number of our friends; they all loved our new idea and gave us the go head. The best part, starting the whole thing was not going to be an uphill task; we had a number of family properties in town and all we needed was a few employees, the best espresso machines and other formalities.

To bring you up to speed on where we are now as business; in the last year alone, we have spread our wings and we now operate a whopping 10 espresso bars in and around town. The business is doing great and to some extend I owe all the success to some of the best espresso machines we have; they are reliable and they have in a way seen our espresso bars receives tons and tons of customers on daily basis. With all that we have been through as a business; my advise to people who are thinking of going into the same industry; get the best super automatic espresso machines if you want to leave a mark in the market. Read the full review here